'Illuminate your life's dance with ritual embodiment' 

Sacred Dance Retreat September 16th - 30th 2021 

We are so honored to offer this special sacred dance retreat in cooperation with sacred dance performer and dance therapist Amber Joy Rava and producer Wendy Brugman. How exciting to invite you to our dream come true!  

In our retreat, we dive deep into the ancestral lineage of the Gods and Goddesses of Egypt. Can you envision yourself sailing on the Nile while dancing, feeling the eb and flow of the great mysteries within? Can you feel the wind below your wings while flying our magic carpet to the temples of Isis, Hathor, Sekhemt and beyond? Can you feel a deep Yes rising from your belly when reading these lines?

Then you are the one we want to share this space with!
Join us on our intimate and wildly transformative retreat to the healing lands of ancient Egypt!

The language of instruction will be English.

Please visit The Sacred Dance Retreat Program here:

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